Why Should You Use a Hammock Rather Than a Tent When Camping Outside

It is very popular for people to go camping using a tent, not a cabin or an RV. In fact, just like a rod for fishing, a tent is actually the global symbol of camping. However, everything could change when it comes to using a hammock when camping.

Using a hammock rather than a tent may bring you many benefits that you might not imagine. In fact, hammock camping offers you with much comfort and convenience. It is much easier to set up and take down. There are also a lot of reasons to explain why you should choose a hammock rather than a tent when you go camping or picnic.

1. You will Have a Very Good Sleep

Lying in a hammock helps you to have better sleeps than a tent can do, even you can have a night of better sleep than sleeping in a bed at home.

A hammock offers you the most comfortable posture to sleep, so you will fall asleep and wake up happily with a refreshed and comfortable mind. Sleeping in a tent could not do the same way to you, and it is very normal for you to be exhausted after camping. Using a hammock can help you out of the feeling of can’t wait to sleep in your own bed.

Rather than being exhausted, after asleep in a hammock you will have a feeling of recharging and energizing. After long use, you may miss the hammock, even you are sleeping in your own bed.

The hammock will make your camping experience better in a way of supplying you a good sleep and more energy.

2. The Ground is Not Good for You

Badly placed rock, tree root and things like can make you toss and turn at night when you sleep in a tent which was set up on a bad surface. You will not have a good sleep as a result.

With a hammock, the story will be different. You will not need to be careful about those things. No matter what is under you. You can camp on almost every surface, from rocks, roots to stumps, snows and so on. The most important is you will have the same comfort.

It is no doubt that it is much easier for campers to find a spot to set up hammocks than a tent. In fact, it only takes you a blink of an eye to set up a hammock. The only things you have to do are adjusting and tying it in a suitable distance and hopping in that much simpler than setting up a tent.

3. You Are Totally OUTSIDE

This is one of the most favorite benefits for campers to be in a hammock.

Of course, if you are a real camper, you do not want an RV or a big truck fully equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, and beds. But even in a tent, you can not have that real natural experience as being in a hammock. A tent makes the air flow limited, the stars covered, your vision limited. It is not easy for you to see what is around when you are in such kind of “mobile home”.

It is very hot at day and very cold at night, being in a tent. Sunlight may change a tent into a sauna very quickly. You will find yourself a chair as hot as a fire pit in a tent. On the other hand, you have to think of what rock or roots that could help you warm at night all day.

A hammock can help you sleep and breathe fresh air which is always around you. Instead of the heat of the tent’s sauna effect, you will be covered with the breeze on your face when you wake up. That is really the experience that true campers want to have.

Moreover, you will always have a feeling of living with nature when being opened up with the clouds, birds, trees, sunrises and everything of nature.

4. It Has All the Tent’s Features in a Hammock

Mosquito nets, tarp, and gear lofts are fully equipped that can make your trip easier using a hammock.  Moreover, the price is very affordable and reasonable for you to get all the basics you need for a hammock camping.

A tarp which is set up easily will help you have privacy when you are changing clothes, even more comfortably, avoiding hunchback. Cold weather camping? Hammock rain flies will help you. The rain flies are used to reflect the heat and work as a tent but much easier to be set up.

Another advantage that can not be ignored is all of the hammocks’ accessories are now made up into separate parts which can always help you to camp as minimally as possible.

Leave the bug net at home when you are going to camp in a place no bugs, it is unnecessary to carry it or set it up.  Go the same way, you can leave the tarp behind, and sleep in your hammock with the stars in the sky when it is not a rainy season.

5. It’s Hammock!

If you are using a tent, bringing with you a lot of troubles such as carrying heavy accessories, picking a place, setting it up, but just for the only purposes of sleeping, changing clothes and hiding rain that may be too much.

Much more a place to sleep, the hammock is also a comfortable chair for you to sit down, chit-chat, or simply relax, to name a few. A hammock is a much more mobile than a tent so that you can bring that “chair” to you when and wherever you want.

If you are going with your kids there are more benefits for your family. A hammock is a place for them to play, to curl up and count stars. For children, it is much more fun than a tent. In addition, hammocks bring children to sleep easily.

Camping outdoor or going picnic using a hammock is very beneficial and fun that people used to forget. Think of that again and you may have a wonderful trip with a hammock.


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